Grow, Pray, & Study: Life’s Healing Choices Week 3

Life’s Healing Choices: Making Changes and Repairing Relationships

Matthew 5:6-7, 9
Daily Scripture Readings:
Sunday: Matthew 5:6-7, 9, We are called to be a blessing in the world. Hungering for righteousness, showing mercy, and making peace seems like something the world needs more of. Ask God to show you how you can be his hands and feet in the world around you.
Monday: John 8:44, 8:32, What are the lies you have believed about the character defects you have? How do you hear God’s voice challenging you to submit to the changes he wants to make in your life? “As you grow in God’s truth and voluntarily submit to the changes He has in store for you, you will discover the happiness of doing what God requires” (Life’s Healing
Choices, 151).
Tuesday: Romans 12:1-2, We are called to be living sacrifices. Unlike a dead sacrifice, which has no free will, we must choose to surrender our lives to God’s will. What choice do you need to make today to stop conforming to the pattern of this world and be transformed into who God is calling you to be?
Wednesday: Proverbs 17:24, Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by all the things that need to change in our lives that we end up changing absolutely nothing. We are paralyzed by all the different directions we could go. Ask God to help you focus on one thing that needs to change in order for you to grow in your relationship with Him.
Thursday: Colossians 3:13, What we believe about grace and forgiveness is ultimately rooted in the grace and forgiveness of Jesus. We forgive because we have been forgiven. Take time to think about the ways you have experienced God’s grace and forgiveness in your life. How does this shape your ability to offer forgiveness to those who have hurt you?
Friday: Matthew 18:21-22, Even when you say “I forgive you”, feelings of anger, resentment, and sadness can sweep over us again and again. Every time they do, keep choosing forgiveness. Keep choosing to forgive over and over again so that God can continue to set you free from the hurt you experienced and fill your heart with love and peace.
Saturday: Matthew 5:23-24, What unresolved brokenness exists in your relationships? Are there specific people that come to mind that you sense God calling you to try to make things right with? Ask God for wisdom to make amends to the right person, in the right way, at the right time…except when to do so would harm them or others.

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