Learning to Lament

Written By: Rev. Derek Robinnette
In times of trouble it is important to take time to Lament and to process as we also decide how we should respond. Listed below is a post I made about the need for Lament followed by The Psalms of Lament. My challenge to us in these days is to work through these Psalms as a guide. Christians have used these for centuries as guides in hard times of how to bring our true feelings towards God. God’s power is renewed in you as you sit in the desert and the ashes that is caused by heartache. Throughout Biblical history God’s people have always returned stronger and with a clearer purpose after spending times lamenting in the desert. 
I think one of the saddest things is we’ve lost the ability to lament without our laments immediately being turned into political or other motives. We need to lament the loss of lives and find a safe place to do so. Facebook isn’t it bc it turns into debates. Conversations turn into trying to win people over. At church so many times we just say “everything is ok” or move on to the hope in Christ (which is important) but it is also important to sit in the desert. To sit in the ashes. To walk through the valley of the shadow of death. God is there and I don’t think God wants to rush us through those times so we can just put on a smile and move on. The last two weeks. The last year. We need to lament.
Psalms of Lament—read these Psalms. Pray these Psalms. Rewrite these Psalms. Maybe even write your own Psalms of Lament.
Psalm 44
Psalm 60
Psalm 74
Psalm 79
Psalm 80
Psalm 85
Psalm 90