When it comes to reading scripture sometimes we don’t know where to begin.  Lent gives us a great opportunity to dive into the life of Jesus.  This Lent we are encouraging you to dive into the stories of Jesus by reading through the Gospels.
The Gospels are the first four books of the New Testament.  They are titled by their authors.  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  They tell the stories of Jesus.  We encourage you to follow this reading guide throughout Lent!
February 17–Matthew 1-3
February 18–Matthew 4-6
February 19–Matthew 7-9
February 21–First Sunday in Lent–Worship!
February 22–Matthew 10-12
February 23–Matthew 13-15
February 24–Matthew 16-18
February 25–Matthew 19-21
February 26–Matthew 23-25
February 28–Second Sunday in Lent–Worship! 
March 1–Matthew 26-28
March 2–Mark 1-3
March 3–Mark 4-6
March 4–Mark 7-9
March 5–Mark 10-12
March 7–Third Sunday in Lent–Worship!
March 8–Mark 13-15
March 9–Mark 16
March 10–Luke 1-3
March 11–Luke 4-6
March 12–Luke 7-9
March 14–Fourth Sunday in Lent–Worship!
March 15–Luke 10-12
March 16–Luke 13-16
March 17–Luke 17-19
March 18–Luke 20-22
March 19–Luke 23-24
March 21–Fifth Sunday in Lent
March 22–John 1-3
March  23–John 4-6
March 24–John 7-9
March 25–John 10-12
March 26–John 13-15
March 28–Palm Sunday–Worship!
March 29–John 16-18
March 30–John 19
March 31–John 20-21
April 1–Maundy Thursday Service
April 2–Good Friday Service
April 4–Easter Sunday–Worship, Hallelujah!  Christ is Risen!