We are excited for a new sermon series where we are acknowledging that in order to love THAT neighbor who is hardest for us to love, we have to be THAT neighbor who embodies the radical love of Jesus. We’ve also got to admit that sometimes we are THAT neighbor!
We will give you some ideas on how to show love to your neighbors and show you some cool places around Louisville where you can connect with Jesus!




As a part of our “Loving THAT Neighbor” series, we want to invite you to be a part of connecting with weekly opportunities that will help you grow in loving your neighbor and exploring places in our neighborhood to connect with God.  We are calling it the #NEIGHBORINGCHALLENGE!  See the details below:

WEEK ONE, August 30-September 5

Love your neighbor:  Walk, drive, or prayerfully think about your neighborhood.  Invite God to help you love your neighbors and pay attention to the different needs they have.  

Connect with God in the neighborhood:  Walk a prayer labyrinth in our community this week.


WEEK TWO, September 6-12

Love your neighbor:  Send two notes of encouragement this week.  Send one to a church member who is homebound (you should have received an email this week with contact info)  and one to someone in your own neighborhood.  
Connect with God in the neighborhood:  Visit “Merton Corner” at the corner of 4th and Walnut Streets, where Trappist Monk Thomas Merton was overwhelmed with love for his neighbors.  Find more information at:  https://www.spiritualtravels.info/spiritual-sites-around-the-world/north-america/kentucky-a-thomas-merton-tour/thomas-mertons-mystical-vision-in-louisville/


WEEK THREE, September 13-19


Love your neighbor:  Introduce yourself to a neighbor you don’t know yet who may need help during the coronavirus.  Give them the attached card* to discover how you can pray for and serve them.  


Connect with God in the neighborhood:  Walk the “Walk of Faith” in the memorial garden at our Browns Lane campus (319 Browns Ln).  Pay special attention to the Scriptures, names, symbols, and sounds throughout the garden and how God is speaking to you through them.  

WEEK FOUR, September 20-26


Love your neighbor:  Follow up from the card you delivered to a neighbor last week OR complete a random act of kindness for one of your neighbors.  Visit https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/kindness-ideas for a list of possible things you could do.    


Connect with God in the neighborhood:  Take a walking or driving spiritual growth tour of Cave Hill cemetery.  Visit the following sites using the attached map and reflect on the spiritual significance of each one:

    •  Lithgow–Marble sculpture of Angel Gabriel
      • God offers faith, hope, mercy, and relationship.  Pray to God for what you need most in your life right now.
  • Painting of Last Supper–Gheens Mausoleum
      • Remember that even Judas had a place at the table.  God invites you to the table and welcomes you into a relationship with him.
  • Cave Hill National Cemetery
      • Reflect on the sacrifices of soldiers in American wars.  Pray for peace, for our country, and for soldiers and their families.  
  • Muhamaad Ali Memorial
    • Reflect on the civil rights movement and the ongoing battle for racial justice in our world.  Read through the beatitudes in Matthew 5:1-10.  How is God calling you to serve others?

Love your neighbor:  Participate in a socially-distanced, church-wide impact day to bless our community (more details coming soon!).

Connect with God in the neighborhood:  Visit our River City campus (4611 Lowe Road) to complete a series of prayer stations that will guide you in praying for different needs in our community.