Worship in Solitude: a few suggestions

This Sunday, March 15, many churches are either canceling worship services or only offering online opportunities.  This Sunday give sus a unique opportunity to worship God in solitude.  So many times we take for granted that the Creator of the universe also created us as individuals and wants both a communal and individual relationship with us!  
Maybe Sunday you could take the opportunity to meet with God in solitude.  Here are a few suggestions:
      • Go on a prayer walk. 
You can pick a park or right in your neighborhood.  Pray for your neighbors as you walk by their house.  Ask God to open your eyes to see the needs of your neighborhood.  Be amazed at God’s creation and be thankful for how God is present in your life.  Pray for those who are suffering from illness.  
      • Focus on a Psalm and Proverb.
Did you know that their are 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs?  One for each day of the      month!  Since this Sunday is March 15 take the time to look at Psalm 15 and Proverbs 15.  Take about 15 minutes to study this passage.  One good method is Lectio Divina which  means “divine reading.”  This will give you the chance to read through the passage multiple times.  Read the passage through the first time looking for what words, phrases or ideas jump out at you.  Take some time to pray.  Read the passage through a second time and ask the question, “What is God trying to say to me in this passage?”  Read the passage through a third time and ask the question, “How is God asking me to respond to what God said to me?”  You can use this exercise as a meditation or an opportunity to journal!  Don’t over think it.  Just have fun with it.
      • Gather your family for a family devotion.  
Use this link as a guide for family devotion.  Kids Devotional
      • Pray the ACTS prayer. 
A doration–  Take time to adore God and praise God.
C onfession– Take time to confess your sins to God knowing that God is quick to forgive! 
T hanksgiving–  Take time to thank  God for the blessings in your life. 
S upplication–  This is where we place our needs at the feet of God.  
      • Write notes of prayer and encouragement to people in your life! 
Is there someone who is struggling that needs to know you  are praying for them?  Is there someone who has blessed you that you want to let them know of their blessing?  Is there someone who needs encouragement?
We hope that you find your time with God meaningful and that you experience God in a powerful way!

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