Believe: Our Perspective—Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace

Sunday: Psalm 100, Copy down in your own handwriting the lyrics to your favorite Christmas carol. Ask God to use this season to help you experience the joy and peace the song communicates in a new way this year.
Monday: Matthew 25, How would your life be different today if you believed Jesus was returning at midnight? If something springs to mind that you would do differently, go do it now.
Tuesday: John 3:16, Do you feel so loved today? Say this verse aloud. Memorize it if you haven’t already. What has been your greatest moment of being a Jesus follower? What has been your worst moment as a Jesus follower? How have you experienced God’s love in the highs and the lows?
Wednesday: Luke 1:26-56, Matthew 1:18-25, Christmas is a day that we celebrate the gift of God’s love to the world in Jesus Christ. One of the best gifts you can give God in return is to share Jesus with others. Brainstorm ways that you can share the gift of God’s love with the people in your life.
Thursday: Luke 2:1-40, Re-read the story of the birth of Jesus that we have been focusing on this Advent season. This time, notice the ways that God’s peace is experienced in this story. How do you need to experience peace in your life? How do you sense God calling you to bring peace into the lives of others and into our world?
Friday: Luke 1:34-38, Notice Mary’s faith and surrender in this passage: “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word” (ESV). How do you need to surrender to God’s will in your life? In what specific area to do you need to trust God and be
able to say, God, let Your will be done?
Saturday: Matthew 5:9, God calls us to be people who make peace in the world. Take time today to pray that God will help you make peace in your family…in your friendships…at work or at school…in your church…and in your community. We prepare the way for the coming of Christ by being instruments of God’s peace.

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