Grow, Pray, & Study Guide: Experiencing Generosity: The Widow’s Offering

In worship we discussed keystone habits that effect other areas of our lives. These are the foundational disciplines that set the tone for our continued growth. In this week’s GPS Guide you will be invited to try different exercises that could be used as foundational disciplines to spiritual growth. These disciplines will be centered around activities that could be repeated daily or on a consistent basis.
Daily Scripture Readings:
Sunday: Luke 21:1-4, Lord, help me to surrender everything into your hands. Use my time, my
talents, and my treasures for your glory. Amen.
Monday: Luke 12:32-34, Lord, help my perspective to extend beyond this life and this world.
Keep my eyes fixed on you and the work of your Kingdom. Amen.
Tuesday: 1 Samuel 16:1-13, Lord, give me eyes to see, even a glimpse, of what you see in
others. Help me not to judge by outward appearance, but to see the true hearts of others.
Wednesday: 2 Samuel 24:24, Lord, show me the steps forward that you want me to take in
generous living…steps that may require risk, sacrifice, and greater faith in my life. Amen.
Thursday: Martin Luther said, “I have held many things in my hand, and I’ve lost them all; but
whatever I’ve placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.” Lord, show me the things I clutch
tightly and want to keep for myself. Help me to loosen my grip on these things and entrust
them to you. Amen.
Friday: Psalm 24:1-2, Lord, set me free to enjoy all that you have blessed me with. Instead of
constantly striving for more, let me rest in contentment. Amen.
Saturday: Ephesians 3:20-21, Lord, give birth to God-sized dreams in my life…dreams beyond
anything I could ask for or imagine. Then, give me courage to pursue what you’ve called me to.

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