Grow, Pray & Study Guide: Faith Sharing, Week 5

Our hope at River City is that you grow daily in your walk with God! One way to do that is to spend time with God every day. This Grow, Pray and Study Guide (GPS) is just one easy way to connect with God on a daily basis.


Monday, Acts 2:1-4

Could you imagine being in the room with the disciples when the wind and tongues of fire came through the power of the Holy Spirit? The key verse in this passage is 2:1. The disciples were together. We can experience God as individuals, but there is something extremely powerful about experiencing God with a close community. Reflect for a moment about a time you experienced the Holy Spirit within the context of community. 


Tuesday, Acts 2:5-13

Do people know that you are a follower of Christ? Our culture challenges us to make everyone comfortable; to not ruffle feathers, especially when it comes to religion or faith. In these verses the disciples stuck out and were even ridiculed. The power of the Holy Spirit working within us does not make us weird, but it does make us different. Many times this difference gives us the opportunity to share the love of Christ with others. As you walk through your day ask yourself, “What does it mean to live differently today?”


Wednesday, Acts 2:14-41

Wow…those were a lot of powerful verses! Peter really went on a rant! The Holy Spirit gave the one who denied Christ the boldness to share. My favorite verse in this rant is 2:15 (read it real quick…it is worth it). It was only 9:00am! My challenge to you today: find someone to show the love of Christ to by 9:00am. If you wake up or do your devotion after 9:00am, just find a way to bless someone today!


Thursday, Acts 2:42-47

They devoted themselves…Everyday they met together…They sold stuff…Everyone was filled with awe…And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved! These people were not holding anything back from following Christ and the Holy Spirit was moving within their group. Devotion—what is something that you are totally devoted to? Your spouse, golf game, sports team, your church? What about your personal and communal relationship with Christ? The power of the Holy Spirit works best in a community that is filled with followers who seek Christ daily for themselves. How can you raise your level of devotion?


Friday, Acts 1:8

Jerusalem = Neighborhood

Judea = city

Samaria = challenging places we don’t want to go

Ends of the Earth = Ends of the Earth

How is your church reaching these places? How are you reaching your neighborhood, city/workplace, challenging places and the ends of the earth?