Grow, Pray & Study Guide: Next Level Living, Week 4

In worship we discussed keystone habits that effect other areas of our lives. These are the foundational disciplines that set the tone for our continued growth. In this week’s GPS Guide you will be invited to try different exercises that could be used as foundational disciplines to spiritual growth. These disciplines will be centered around activities that could be repeated daily or on a consistent basis.

Monday—Psalms, Proverbs, John

A strong practice is to read a Psalm, Proverb and chapter from another book of the Bible. You can work your way chronologically through the Psalms and base the Proverbs off of today’s date. For example if it is January 30 read Proverb 30. Today read a Psalm, Proverbs 30 and John 1.


Tuesday—ACTS Prayer

The acronym ACTS provides for steps to prayer. The first step is adoring God for who God is in our lives and the works God has done. The second is confessing our need of God and the sins we have committed that separate us from God. This step allows for our sins to be forgiven. The third step is thanking God for the things God has done. The fourth step is supplication where we place our requests before God and also sit in silence and listen.


Wednesday—Psalm 139

Read, underline, pray what you’ve underlined

You can do this with any chapter in the Bible but read Psalm 139 one time through just allowing the words to enter your heart and mind. Read the chapter a second time and underline the words or phrases that jump out at you. Now take the time to slowly read and reflect upon what you have underlined. Ask God what God wants to tell you specifically through those words.



More than likely you will ride in a car today. During your commute turn off the radio and dedicate the drive to allowing God to speak to you. Also take the time to tell God what is on your heart and mind.



In the morning when you wake, take a few minutes to write a note to God about the day and make a list of prayer requests. At the end of the day write a paragraph or two about what you experienced and where God was in the experience. Look over the prayer requests. Were any answered?