October 15 Small Group Guide

1. This week we are talking about gifts so we want to start off telling stories of gifts. Take a second to
think about possibly the best or worst gift that you have ever been given?
2. How about a helpful gift…one that you kept on using years down the road?
3. Read Psalms 24:1-2 together.
4. All that we have is a gift from god b/c all was God’s at first. Is there anything in your life that is
harder to see as “gift from God?” For example maybe something you have built, made,
accomplished, etc with your own efforts?
5. In Luke 19:11-27 people were given gifts. READ TOGETHER, but before you read have the group
listen for phrases that jump out at them or stuff the really love or stuff that doesn’t sit with
them well or raises questions.
a. After reading ask…what di you like about this parable, what questions did it raise or
what was challenging?
6. This parable focues on a stewardship issue. The one servant was given a gift and absolutely
nothing with it so everything was taken away. In what ways has God gifted you…what is
something youa are good at? (if this goes slowly maybe have people in the room say what
another person is good at)
7. How is God using that gift and in what ways are you trying to develop the gift God has given
8. If you were at church on Sunday…what gift did you write onyour poker chip…where is God
calling you to be a good steward?
9. The Good servants in the story took risk to multiply God’s work in them. Can you tell a story in
your life where you took a risk that paid off?
10. The Holy Spirit guides us to take risk for the Kingdom of God that pay off in our lives and others
lives being changed. Can you talk about a time God motivated you to take a risk and how that
paid off?
11. How do you experience the Holy Spirit’s guidance? What do you do to connect with God and
specifically discern where God is leading you?
Take prayer requests and pray for one another.

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